Zobel Development Schedule

What was to have been Zobel-0.15 has grown to the extent that the version will be changed to 0.20 to reflect the departure from the 0.1x series. Zobel-0.20 will use the also radically revised Convert::Ethiopic v0.20 package. Version 0.20 will be out following compliance of a test suite that is being developed for testing Zobel comprehensively and exhaustively. Developing the test suite has proven to be a major project in itself. However the time spent here will insure more reliable releases in the future and less time lost to bug hunting.

Following v0.20 large scale changes are not anticipated and subsequent updates will be targetted at reaching full LGRPP compliance, more language support, synronization to updates in libeth and Convert::Ethiopic.

Last Update: Tue Jul 24 07:05:52 PDT 2001