News Updates

03/11/93 (10/07/01 Euro)

The libeth-0.34 snapshot is cvsed! This is the production version of libeth presently running at and for the Ethiopian News Headlines. Updates at the ftp site are notoriously slow in appearing, the CVS repository will be kept current however. The v0.40 tree should be appearing before long, it has fallen out of sync with v0.34 recently.

The 0.40 objectives will be outlined here shortly. Some info for review is added here which details where the estrftime rewrite is headed and introduces changes to the LGRP for calendrical pseudo-scripting language.

The production versions of Zobel and Convert::Ethiopic are added to CVS as well. These packages are mostly just in need of documentation (takes forever) before they can receive the "final release" blessing for the long awaited v0.20.