add an option to drop or absorb extra diacritic marks. add memo-izer Wed Apr 23 14:18:55 PDT 2003 * added braille files after nearly a year of waiting. * updates to ethiop and ed, misc. Sun Apr 28 08:59:47 PDT 2002 * systems/, systems/phonetic.c: updates to read/write "d" and "D" correctly, which use a diacritic mark for the sadis form. Sat Mar 30 12:25:48 PST 2002 * systems/wazema.c, systems/ updates for wazema1 and wazema2 conversion as an input encoding. Sat Mar 23 12:59:12 PST 2002 * systems/ ZewdituA, ZewdituB typefaces added. * systems/ A1-Kidan, A2-Kidan, A1-Qelem, A2-Qelem typefaces added. Sun Aug 5 16:41:14 PDT 2001 * transfer variant escd and esch added for &#dddd; and ꯍ ML escapes. * systems/,, caught 0xfffd and 0xfffe that should have been 0xfdfd and 0xfdfe. Tue May 1 21:50:58 EDT 2001 * systems/base.c: introduced for other systems to derive from. This saves at least 30K. * isGoodANSI routines return an unsigned char instead of a boolean to handle more extensive ANSI remapping as found in Wazema fonts. * geztypenet, visualgez2k, wazema1, wazema1 and visualgez2k systems introduced visualgez2k is fully functional at this point. Wed Dec 13 19:14:57 EST 2000 * systems/syinfo.c: xml transfer variant added. Mon Nov 13 23:20:08 EST 2000 * systems/ Corrections for & and * which are maps onto " and ' respectively. * systems/feedel.c: Made sure remapped chars are returned and do not enter the block of code that looks for a diacritic mark. * systems/ Added Ethiopia Jiret Set I/II typefaces. Sat Nov 10 19:09:38 EST 2000 * systems/seralex.l: "<"[/]?[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll]">" is now just "<"[/]?[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll] to account for Office 2000 generated docs that insist on adding attributes to the entitie. Sun Feb 13 15:57:47 EST 2000 * lib-src/sysinfo.c/fidel_sputc: added loop to handle output for extensions mapping. "hasExtendedEthiopic" added. * include/fidel.h: renamed UNIFIDEL, UNILAST, UNISIZE, UNITOTAL, etc to more comprehensible: BASIC_ETHIOPIC_BEGIN, BASIC_ETHIOPIC_END, etc. * include/ ExtendedEthiopicToBasicEthiopicMap added to map extensions onto the basic range for fonts where extension support has not been added. Could be good for Ethiopian language transliteration. Sat Feb 12 10:56:54 EST 2000 * lib-src/etctype.c: updates for N1846 Sebatbeit. Lots of other places updated as well. Will continue later. Sat Feb 6 18:24:19 EST 2000 * systems/ mixed maps for '<<', '>>' and '?'. Wed Jan 26 19:36:03 EST 2000 * systems/ added AddisB1, AddisL1, AddisT1 typefaces of GeezFont. Sun Dec 12 21:25:30 EST 1999 * lib-src/sysinfo.c/fidel_sputc: missing j++ added in tvOut loop. Sat Nov 27 11:21:02 EST 1999 * EthioWalia support added. * fixes in systems/ for strlen undersizes in a few instances. Sun Oct 25 02:06:20 EDT 1999 * system/seralex.l/my_yyinput: n = YY_BUF_SIZE - 1; is now correctly n = YY_BUF_SIZE; * lib-src/langxs.c/ConvertEthiopicFileToString: deleted extra "top" incrementer. * lib-src/langxs.c/ConvertEthiopicString: move flag free statement after lexer_reset. Sat Oct 16 11:18:38 EDT 1999 * system/, system/phonetic.c: Updates for GeezTypeNet. * numerous updates to make gcc-2.91.66 happy. Sun Aug 22 10:32:41 EET DST 1999 * systems/enhpfr.c, systems/ Updates for GFZemen2K fonts. Thu Aug 5 13:18:48 EET DST 1999 * doctypes/html.c/fidel_HTML_sputs: sprintf's removed after insertString's. * doctypes/html.c/closeFont: fixed requested size for grow_string. * systems/ maps fixed for de, to and `se series. Sat Jul 31 20:55:53 EET DST 1999 * doctypes/html.c/fidel_HTML_sputs: fix for nesting of multi-font systems Sat Jul 24 22:20:01 EET DST 1999 * systems/ maps for ya, yE, y, yo fixed. Sun Jul 11 21:37:14 EET DST 1999 * systems/seralex.l: corrected \~? to be \~`? to comply with Emacs. Thu Jun 3 18:17:56 EET 1999 * systems/seralex.l/my_yyinput: reworked this to be faster in general and not break for strings of length 1. Another fix to the section that wasn't exitting nicely. Thu Jun 3 10:22:39 EET 1999 * lib-src/sysinfo.c/get_setName: added forgotten "break" statements for tfanus systems. Sat May 29 07:20:34 EET 1999 * systems/ corrected Ethiopic stylized ? and . addresses. Fri May 28 12:36:52 EET 1999 * include/libeth.h,lib-src/sysinfo.c,systems/tfanus.[ch],systems/ reworked so that "ethiosoft" and "gezbausi" are unique system types. Thu May 27 22:10:09 EET 1999 * systems/seralex.l: all cases of "return yytext[0]" are now "return ( 0x00ff & yytext[0] )" to prevent 8-bit values from taking forms like 0xffcf instead of 0x00cf -don't know why this was happenning. Thu May 27 06:31:41 EET 1999 * systems/ added diacritic identifiers to hash table. Wed May 26 12:40:24 EET 1999 * systems/sera.c/SERAToUnicode: fix so that LEX_LPUNCT is properly shut off after non-punctuation such as newlines. Tue May 25 14:40:45 EET 1999 * lib-src/sysinfo.c, systems/ncic.c: fixes to make Ejji Tsihuf act as a compliment font to other Agafari fonts for numeral output. * systems/, RTFNames changed to TTFNames. RTFNamesPrefix changed to RTFPrefix. * systems/nci.c/get_setName: debugging code removed. Wed May 19 19:46:25 EET 1999 * lib-src/sysinfo.c/fidel_sputc: debuging code works more universally now. * systems/sera.c/SERAToUnicode: fix for sera wordspaces to come out right * doctypes/html.c/fidel_HTML_sputs: removed "strlen" in 2nd argument of grow_string at line 77. Wed Apr 28 09:35:20 EET 1999 * systems/seralex.l/my_yyinput: added to code to handle end of buffer wrapping. Wed Apr 21 22:33:29 EET 1999 * calendar/Ethiopic.c/getEthiopicDayName: [date] changed to [date - 1] in array indexi. Sun Apr 18 19:56:42 EET 1999 * sytems/ changed map to use the second occurance of Ne at 0xff as the preferred choice over 0xa0. Sat Apr 17 23:18:59 EET 1999 * include/libeth.h: aynIsZero becomes an option. This didn't really happen on Saturday but a new release is shipping today with, at last Zobel seeing the light of day... Sat Apr 10 19:43:08 EET 1999 * lib-src/langxs.c: is added for interfacing with other languages such as Perl or VB. langxs.c code is moved out of the LibEth.xs source module. image_sputs is moved from LibEth.xs into systems/filters.c. Sat Apr 10 16:53:22 EET 1999 * lib-src/sysinfo.c: adjustments for transfer variant output with mixed options. New options are "debug", and "ethOnly". "decimal" output is added as a transfer variant. Fri Apr 9 22:14:24 EET 1999 * include/libeth.h: "options" flag added where extraneous options can be ORed together. etstdlib.c, seralex.l, sera.c, dehai.c and sysinfo.c are updated accordingly. * lib-src/etstdio.c: Arguement 1 of get_fchar is no longer used and so now has been eliminated throughout. Fri Apr 9 10:03:14 EET 1999 * systems/ corrected mappings for zWa, Ilf, Ku->Ko. * systems/sera.c/SERAToUnicode: lexer_push(x) added when `x is detected in latin mode. Only ` was being returned and x was lost. Fri Apr 2 15:46:28 EET 1999 * systems/geezfont.c: corrections to hash table and GeezFontToUnicode to get input working correctly. Sat Mar 27 20:26:19 EET 1999 * include/libeth.h, lib-src/etstdlib.c, systems/dehai.c, systems/sera.c: "gspace" and "qmark" and now "gSpace" and "qMark" to keep interCaps use consistant. Thu Mar 25 13:44:38 EET 1999 * systems/sera.c: check for out of range characters added so we don't break the hash tables. Wed Mar 24 21:33:13 EET 1999 * systems/sera.c: fixes for ' handling after the legal but odd sequence "I'aa" broke the lexer. * systems/acis.c,ethcita.c,feedel.c,geezfont.c,samawerfa.c: Systems using "READNEXT" to handle butterfly processing are bug fixed so that formNumber is not doubly subtracted. * systems/ more minor refinements to tables. * "debug" output is noted as broken, will fix this in 0.34 making debug a transfer variant. Tue Mar 23 17:15:57 EET 1999 * #define bzero(addr, cnt) memset(addr, 0, cnt) added to lib-src/etmath.c, doctypes/rtf.c and calendar/ettime.c. bzero elliminated from doctypes/html.c. This lets libeth compile with non-BSD compatible compilers. * systems/ minor refinements to hash table. * lib-src/redterms.c: #include added for WIN32 compilation. * libeth compiles as a Windows DLL and we freeze 0.33 now to get back into Gurage, Bench, Bilin, Agaw and other good languages. Wed Mar 17 19:12:57 EET 1999 * systems/unicode.c: added "UnicodeToName" to return Unicode character names when get_fchar is passed the "uname" identifier. * EthCITA systems are added but not tested. Sun Mar 14 16:37:08 EET 1999 * include/libeth.h: stringTop added to LibEthFlags structure after crashes from end of string detection problems -the "top" counter is reset to zero the first time getToken is called. If getToken is called again everything starts over. This seemed to be the best fix. * lib-src/sysinfo.c/get_fchar: iostring elliminated, test for stringTop added. * systems/seralex.c: iostring elliminated but not top, we keep the top counter for now as it seems otherwise awkward to remove and definitely makes code harder to read. * systems/systemio.c: getToken and ungetToken updated for stringTop. "top" variable is now elliminated. Wed Mar 10 17:28:57 EET 1999 * lib-src/sysinfo.c, systems/samawerfa.c: sam98 and samwp systems added for I/O. * lib-src/sysinfo.c, systems/tfanus.c: tfanusnew added and labializations fixed. The only difference I can detect in the new system is another _W at 0xbb which formerly was an underline of sorts. This is not important except for input, I still can't determine if there is a _Wi without authorative information Fri Mar 5 22:10:24 EET 1999 * lib-src/etmath.c: Add routines to support mathematics with Ethiopic numbers, should anyone be so inclined... FCHAR* itof ( int iNumber ); FCHAR* AddEthiopicEthiopic ( FCHAR *A, FCHAR *B ); FCHAR* SubtractEthiopicEthiopic ( FCHAR *A, FCHAR *B ); FCHAR* MultiplyEthiopicEthiopic ( FCHAR *A, FCHAR *B ); FCHAR* DivideEthiopicEthiopic ( FCHAR *A, FCHAR *B ); FCHAR* AddEthiopicInteger ( FCHAR *A, int B ); FCHAR* SubtractEthiopicInteger ( FCHAR *A, int B ); FCHAR* MultiplyEthiopicInteger ( FCHAR *A, int B ); FCHAR* DivideEthiopicInteger ( FCHAR *A, int B ); FCHAR* DivideIntegerEthiopic ( int A, FCHAR *B ); FCHAR* PowerIntegerEthiopic ( int A, FCHAR *B ); * Numerous minor tweaks to data types and castings to make VC5 happy. * #ifdef __STDC__ becomes #if __STDC__ || WIN32 in function declarations. Thu Mar 4 19:23:27 EET 1999 * lib-src/etstring.c: arrays with data defined at array variable declaration are rewritten for portability. * lib-src/io.[ch]: becomes systemio.[ch] after discovering conflict with io.h on Borland C++ when master include path takes precedence over local. * lib-src/dehai.h,ethiopi.h,iso.h,mainz.h,sera.h: #define IS_TRANSLIT_SYS 1 for generic detection of transliterated systems to include "yy.h" in systems.h * systems/exports.h: "||" used in place of "|" in preprocessor directives for consistancy. * include/libeth.h,calendar/etime.h: "#if !__BCC__" becomes "#ifndef __BCC__" Tue Mar 2 11:56:06 EET 1999 * calendar/*MonthDayNames: uraEl corrected to `uraEl. Mon Mar 1 11:56:06 EET 1999 * systems/powergez.c/PowerGeezExtrasToUnicode: (form == getToken()) correct to (form = getToken()). Sun Feb 28 10:22:23 EET 1999 * lib-src/etstdio.c/sget_fstring: "register char i" is now "register long int i" after an index wrap around lead to segmentaion faults. All string indexi in lib-src/etstdio.c are now long ints to handle obscenely long strings. * libeth-0.33b3 released. Sun Feb 21 13:56:16 EET 1999 * lib-src/etctype.c: added "ethiopicdefined" which returns "true" for defined code points in the Ethiopic matrix. This routine might be integrated into one of the others later. Sun Feb 7 14:56:26 EET 1999 * systems/sera.c/_UnicodeToSERA: fixed problem with SERA output for unicode numbers between 10 and 100. Thu Jan 28 19:20:43 EET 1999 * systems/geezfont.c/GeezFontToUnicode: this time really fixed the Ge'ezFont output problem. Sun Jan 17 11:20:54 EET 1999 * lib-src/etstdio.c/fidel_sputs: corrected address reference to ISO639_3Names that bugged SERA escape formations in output. Tue Jan 12 22:20:01 EET 1999 * systems/ SAFEANSI and DIACRITIC values inverted in hash table a remnant from an older system -? Sat Jan 9 18:14:53 EET 1999 * systems/ made typeface names uppercase. * systems/ changed "AmharicQ" to "AmaharQ". Fri Jan 8 10:43:27 EET 1999 * systems/seralex.l \~# escape now detects negative numbers. Mon Jan 4 20:18:27 EET 1999 * Changed to "libeth.h" throughout. Sat Jan 2 08:04:30 EET 1999 * Fixed problem with "GeezEdit" in HTML mode. * Fixed "fontFace" mapping problem with Monotype fonts. Tue Dec 22 20:13:27 EET 1998 * Fixed "xa" and "xo" in Ge'ezFont map file. Sat Dec 19 21:29:29 EET 1998 * PowerGe'ez support is complete. * systems/(dehai.c, ed.c, ethiop.c, ies.c, iso.c, mainz.c, qubee.c, sera.c): Dehai, Mainze and Qubee systems are new, other are rewritten to use common principle of consonant and vowel hash tables versus large memory consuming full fidel tables. Except for SERA input is non-functional, this will be added to conclude the 0.33 series. * lib-src/lethutil.c/grow_string: malloc lines are recast as unsigned char. lib-src/sysinfo.c/get_setName: CharacterSet and FontFace are now passed in place of LibEthFlag data type so we can make requests more arbitrarily. lib-src/sysinfo.c/get_setRTFPrefix: same as get_setName. doctypes/html.c/fidel_HTML_sputs: ANSI section now checks if it will exceed the outString size before writing to it. Minor rewrites for above API changes. doctypes/rtf.c/get_RTF_header: minor rewrites for above API changes. Mon Dec 14 14:06:29 EET 1998 * LGPL notices added to all source files. C++ "//" comments converted to ANSI-C safe /* ... */ . Mon Dec 14 15:21:04 EET 1998 * calendars/Ethiopic.c/isEthiopianHoliday: returnP and returnString are both initialized as "NULL" so that garbage is not returned if no holiday is found. calendars/edate.c is also updated to set tm_wday so day-of-week names are no longer hosed. Sun Dec 13 14:14:54 EET 1998 * lib-src/etstdio.c/fidel_sputs: placed sera test statement outside of main for loop and gave the sera case its own for loop. We should see a minor performance boost. Sat Dec 12 21:43:53 EET 1998 * systems/seralex.c/lexer_flush: is now "lexer_reset" and actually works. "lexer_reset" is actually needed to reset the lexer when you switch strings between lexer calls -or bad things happen if the previous string ended with a partial token (such as " "). Works with flex, don't know about lex... Sat Dec 12 13:25:17 EET 1998 * systems/jis.c, systems/junet.c: JIS and JUNET output is made algorithmic thus eliminating the tables and saving 14k. Sat Dec 5 20:57:17 EET 1998 * lib-src/etstring.c: Added "fidel_lcss" and "fidel_syllabic_lcss" to find longest common substring between two Ethiopic strings. Need to add this to the RedTerms routines later. Fri Dec 4 19:24:19 EET 1998 * Deleted redundant "Java" CharacterSet type.